Aborted: Altro Inferno 125ml

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One sauce to burn them all! As hot sauces are one of our favorite things in the world (along with horror and perhaps blast beats); we decided to team up with the infamous Dokter Worst from the Netherlands to deliver you the once sauce to rule them al:


Packing quite a kick but delivering delicious flavors as well, Altro inferno is fantastic for scaring relatives, ruining your butt-crack if abused and generally make your life more awesome! Now enjoy you ghouls and praise the scroll!


Tomatillo, vinegar, tomato, chili pepper, mandarin, habanero pepper, jalapeno pepper, bell pepper, union, naga jolokia pepper, peach, sugar, lime juice, garlic, sunflower oil, salt, parsley, turmeric, basil, oregano, white pepper, marjoram, thyme, ginger powder, aniseed, rosemary, mace, cardamom, bay leaf, mustard seeds, fenugreek, black pepper, food acid, citric acid, acidity regulator E330, E509, E224 (sulphite), colorant E150C, E150D, E535, flavor enhancer E621, wheat starch, hydrolyzed soy protein, thickener axanthan gum.


Union, soy, sulphite, musterd, gluten. Prepared in a kitchen where nuts are used and might contain traces of nuts.

Voedingswaarde per 100g

Energie: 338 kJ/82kcal
Vet: 3,9 g, waarvan verzadigde vetzuren: 0,4 g
Koolhydraten: 9,8 g
Waarvan suiker: 8,6 g
Eiwitten: 1,1 g
Zout: 1,7 g


125 ml

Altro Inferno Hot Sauce Nondedju Hete Saus
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