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Nondedju hete sauzen

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Unparalleled Hot Sauce

Nondedju - Dutch phrase or saying which roughly translates to Damn it! or God damn! Can be used in different situations; Nondedju da’s HEET! - Damn it that’s HOT! or Nondedju da’s LEKKER! - God Damn that’s TASTY! Back in 2015 Dokter worst started making his own hot sauce for shits and giggles to put on his hotdogs and “Nondedju hete saus” was born. In 2017 He won the award for best hot sauce at “Dutch Chili Fest”. It didn’t take long before he had made an entire assortment of unique hot sauces, each and every one made with pure ingredients, with no added flavor or color additives. The sauces are handmade and bottled in Breda located in the south of the Netherlands. Complete any meal with ahot sauces from the Nondedju line.

God Damn Tasty!


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Fleddy Melculy


Hot sauce, we didn’t have that in the merchandise line. We made this sause for them, Smokey because of the chipotle peppers and fruity!

Buy it at www.fleddymelculy.com

Tio Gringo

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in 2016 we produced this saus for the Trash country Band Tio Gringo!

Same sauce but different bottle and name; Fruitpunch #2




Extreme music screams for an extreme hot sauce. 4 different peppers, clementine oranges, tomato and tomatillo combine to make a special hot sauce.

We sell this sauce for the band Aborted.

Faster & Louder

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For the “Faster and louder Festival” we made this hot sauce with yellow habanero, naga jolokia and pineapple. This sauce was so good that we renamed it to Fruitpunch #1

Dokter worst

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Best BBQ in the Region.

Goddamn Hotdogs and Hot Sauce

In 2013 Dokter Worst started selling Hot Dogs on the Oude Vest in Breda. Quality sausages which are grilled chicago style. To complete the hotdogs he started creating his own hot sauces in 2015 which can also be found at different Delicatessen shops, Butchers and specialized stores.